Electrical and Telecom (other)

Our facilities are equipped with phone and data portals at every turn, and access to our robust wireless network makes the Internet available throughout our facilities.

Both centers feature wall/floor panels with 110v to 220v outlets as well as service corridors with 200A and 400A distribution boxes. Our staff is ready to provide additional plug-ins, extension cords—whatever it takes to deliver power to your event technology.

While we recommend Preferred Provider Imig A/V for all your electrical and telecom needs, there are other fine Anchorage-based companies available. Please note however that Imig is the sole company authorized to acces the Centers’ A/V and Comms rooms. Therefore any other provider will need to coordinate their requirements and activities with Imig, see their overview of Flat Rate Services.

Whatever your connectivity requirements are—from Internet access to high-definition televisions—we can make sure you get what you need, as well as the power to run it all.