Rigging & Lighting (other)

Image courtesy of Heather Dunn

Anchorage Convention Center rooms offer incandescent and spot lighting, as well as metal halide. The high ceilings in Dena’ina’s Idlughet Hall, Tikahtnu Ballroom and Egan’s Explorers Hall are particularly well-suited to specialty light and sound installation with hanging points every 20 feet, equipped with 2,000 pounds of hooking-weight capacity.

While we recommend Preferred Provider Imig A/V for all your needs, there are several other excellent experienced Anchorage-based lighting companies to produce specialty lighting effects for events. Please note however that Imig is the sole company authorized to acces the Centers’ A/V and Comms rooms. Therefore any other provider will need to coordinate their requirements and activities with Imig, see their overview of Flat Rate Services. Depending on your needs, your event coordinator can help you find an appropriate vendor to ensure that your event shines as brightly as you like.