Preferred AV, Internet, Telecom, Lighting by Imig

When it comes to A/V presentations at the Dena’ina and Egan centers, Imig Audio/Video has a long- standing reputation for cutting-edge quality. As the Centers’ “Preferred Provider”, Imig Audio/Video provides the equipment and technical staffing for conventions and trade shows, large group presentations, and individual workgroups or meetings.

In addition, Imig is the company to contact for:

  • Internet connectivity needs – access using Ethernet protocols for exhibitor spaces and meeting rooms.  Imig will establish a reliable and robust connection, either wired or wireless – and you will have access to their emergency service if and when issues arise.
  • Over the summer of 2016 the complimentary wireless internet’s infrastructure at the Dena’ina Center was upgraded. The new wireless infrastructure consists of state-of-the-art hardware with support up to 4,000 concurrent users facility side serving from 29 Wireless access points featuring the latest in 802.11ac wireless technology. The Robust wireless allows 4,000 users to connect to the system at once with blazing-fast speeds up to 500 mgs upload/download and supports both 2.4 ghz and 5ghz WiFi.
  • Specialty Lighting: using either building’s existing facilities or bringing in addtional equipment
  • Telecommunications: for example, phone lines for phone, fax or credit card machines

Imig can even help with the creation and production of audio and video multi-media programs. Location shooting as well as meeting and event recording are all performed on the highest-quality broadcast formats to your exact specifications.

Please note that Imig, as the Preferred Provider, is the only A/V/Internet/Telecom provider authorized to access the Dena’ina and Egan A/V and Comms rooms. While a client may bring in other service companies of their choice, these other service companies will need to coordinate their requirements and activities with Imig, at specified reasonable Imig service rates: click here for Flat Rate Services document.

For additional and contact information, please visit Imig online at