Conventions, Expos and Trade Shows

The Anchorage Convention Centers and ASM Global always strive to make your events run as smoothly as possible—often by going above and beyond expectations for service. Hosting top-notch, memorable and successful conventions and trades shows are among the things we do exceptionally well. We’ll make sure your space planning, technological, catering and any other needs are taken care of on time, and in the most professional manner.

Example Events

It’s true:  every event we host has unique requirements and certainly stands apart from any other. There are some logistic commonalities, however, among most conventions and trade shows. We’ve provided some “event scenarios” below to highlight some of those commonalities for a few specific types of events—just to offer some perspective.

After you take a quick look, let us know how we can help make your event a success. Please don’t hestitate to contact us to discuss your own event’s particular requirements and needs.

SCENARIO:  A Major national convention

A professional event with 1,500 attendees took place over a three-day period. Opening and closing plenary sessions utilized the entire Explorers Hall for one half-day each on Day 1 and 3, with amplification and lighting. Summit Hall was configured for seven classrooms where workshops were held during the course of Days 2 and 3. An opening night cocktail mixer was hosted in the Dena’ina Center’s Tikahtnu ballroom and terrace, and an all-attendee banquet (with carving station and beer and wine service) was held in the Ballroom on Day 2. And, of course, WIFI access was provided to attendees throughout the weekend.

Events that we have recently hosted along these lines include the Alaska Federation of Natives Convention—a gathering of Alaska’s largest Native organizations. Thousands of visitors, many traveling to Anchorage from the AFN’s 178 recognized villages, poured into Dena’ina Center, putting every inch of the facility into use.

SCENARIO:  a consumer-oriented product expo

A product expo is an ideal place for shopping. In one place, sometimes within one visit, hundreds or thousands of consumers get to experience the full variety of timely and/or state-of-the-art options with in a market. It is an opportunity to showcase—and sell—products to entire families who are often ready to buy amidst an environment of fun and entertainment. The Anchorage Convention Centers boast beautiful and flexible expo locales in Dena’ina’s Idlughet and Egan’s Explorers Halls. Both options offer convenient drop-off and pick-up access, customer-friendly room to roam and spend plenty of time…even amenities like free WIFI access for vendors and attendees alike.

We’ve successfully hosted expos like this. From the Oxygen & Octane “Big O” Adventure Show to annual holiday events like the Holiday Food & Gift Show.

SCENARIO:  a regional tradeshow

Presenting new product lines, showcasing this year’s new and exciting models—tradeshows are all about finding new customers and vendors, reconnecting with existing customers and vendors, and discovering new tools and services within any industry. The Anchorage Convention Centers offer the ideal spaces and amenities to host and promote these kinds of opportunities and connections. Imagine customers filling the Dena’ina Center’s friendly 47,000-square foot Idlughet Hall—or Egan’s nearly 20,000-square foot Explorers Hall, or  more intimate 11,200-square foot Summit Hall. Regardless of size, we make it easy for you and your customers to get together.

In that spirit, we’ve recently welcomed the Alaska State Firefighters Association and the Food Services of America Tradeshow.

Let’s talk

If you think our facilities could be a good fit for your event (and we believe they are for most), we should discuss your needs and ideas in more detail. Please feel free to contact us at your convenience. Longer-term (1 year out and more) and national events are generally coordinated through the Anchorage Convention and Visitors Bureau, while shorter-term or local events are booked and managed by our in-house event staff. In either case, the first step is to get in touch.